Guided RPG hikes

Otherworld Excursions offers guided tours run by famous role-playing game designers who take you hiking through rural and urban treks, immersing you in the role-playing elements of the natural environment:
See the occult architecture of Chicago as only Kenneth Hite can show it to you--then use this knowledge to survive (or, at least, be the last one to lose their mind) in an original roleplaying adventure of eldritch horror!

The Windy City is the birthplace of urban horror. Riding on the L with a faceless mass of drones being herded back to their soul-crushing jobs, Fritz Leiber looked out across the sooty rooftops and envisioned the kinds of ghosts that the metropolis demanded. In his classic novel Our Lady of Darkness, Leiber invented the arcane science of megapolisomancy, the magic of cities. Or so the story goes.

Is it possible that Leiber didn't create a fictional concept, but instead revealed a hidden truth? Were the street plans for the great American cities laid out like circuit boards to channel psychic energies, with steel-girdled skyscrapers designed as capacitors to store up these forces until they were needed for some cosmic ritual? (The Ghostbusters script could well be calculated misinformation, or a nod to fellow initiates).

If anyone knows what's really going on, it is Kenneth Hite. Guided by his uncanny mastery of Things Man Was Not Meant to Know, you'll spend a Saturday afternoon inspecting the architectural evidence. Then head downtown to the Hotel Intercontinental--which was constructed as an athletic club for the Medinah Shriners, but may serve another purpose for their secret masters. Here, you'll experience an unparalleled evening of roleplaying led by Kenneth, and learn first-hand why he wrote the definitive chapter on "The Joy of Research" for Gamemastering Secrets. It'll be a day trip you'll never forget, which could be problematic if you still have to go into the city after dark.

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