Funny NTK squib about Europe's Broadcast Flag

This week's NTK newsletter has an hilarious story about my recently released paper on Europe's coming Broadcast Flag:
While scientists valiantly warn of the pandemic spread of the DRM flu, has anyone considered that innocent-seeming CORY DOCTOROW might be an unsuspecting carrier? After years of close physical contact with the biohazardous hands of MPAA lawyers during the brief Broadcast Flag outbreak of 2004, he now seems to have been in *just* the right spot to see the pestilence jump the species barrier to European Digital TV. And this variant seems a lot nastier: tweaked by Hollywood lawyers to determine at a much finer grain what Europeans get to record off their TVs, where you get to save it, what constitutes a "family", and who exactly in open source will be buggered this time. And while the American Broadcast Flag appears now to be at least temporarily cordoned off in a batch of carefully isolated politicians, this European "CPCM" mutation looks to be spreading through the sprawling, marshy standard bodies endemic to the European continent. Will we live in a locked-down, quarantined TV world? Or are we *insufficiently paranoid*?
Link (Thanks, Brian!)