Botched 200'-tall building demolition video

Noely sez, "The demolition of a 200 foot building in Sioux Falls, SD didn't go so well today. Demolition experts blasted the bottom of the tower expecting it to tip over. Instead, the building sank into it's basement. Great video!" 1.7 MB Quicktime Link Coral Cache Mirror (Thanks, Noely!)
Sparkle Labs' Amy Parness on "pink girly engineering kits" 1*tin3HeJ5CLISS2NCiat5Ig

I asked Amy Parness, the co-founder of Sparkle Labs, maker of fantastic educational electronics kits, to write a Medium post about gender and the business of being a maker business person. Her terrific essay calls out the problems with “pink girly engineering kits.” From Medium:


Zero UI will "change design"


Zero UI is the new term for “invisible interfaces”—what happens in the future when all the clicking and tapping and typing is history: “If you look at the history of computing, starting with the jacquard loom in 1801, humans have always had to interact with machines in a really abstract, complex way.” [Fast Company]


Twitter chief resigns

Dick Costolo. Photo: Stephen Lam, Reuters

CEO Dick Costolo will resign, to be replaced in the interim by Jack Dorsey


A 6-Piece Set for Photographers On The Go: 8X Telephoto, Fisheye, 60X Microscope & More

This Smartphone Photo Lens Kit arms you with six unique smartphone photography accessories, so you can take high-quality and well-composed photos of any subject from small insects to expansive landscapes.6 unique lensesRolls up neatly for transportTripod for stabilitySmall lenses attach seamlessly with magnetMicroscope and 8x telephoto lenses attach with a case (case attaches to phone)Lens wallet […]


Last Chance To Save 83% On A 2-Yr Subscription of Unlimited Icons From The Noun Project

Inspired by the universality of symbols, the founders of Noun Project began to collect thousands of hand-drawn icons. The concept has since transformed into a massive digital collection of 150,000+ unique icons that fuel the work of designers every day. Spend less time crafting icons and more time putting amazing designs out into the world with […]


'ExoMount Touch' Universal Car Mount: $20 With Free Shipping

You won’t need to think twice about going hands-free on the road with Exomount’s easy-to-use car mount. It mounts your smartphone so easily, you literally only need one hand to quickly secure your phone in the perfect position and get driving. Don’t risk a ticket, use the world’s best suction technology to effortlessly mount and […]