Small wheelchair car you drive with a joystick

This Hungarian (concept?) car, the Kenguru, is designed as a stylish small vehicle for wheelchair users. You can wheel your chair right into it and drive it with a joystick.
The car’s interior space has no front seat -- just a space built to house the driver’s own wheelchair so all he/she has to do is simply roll in through the extra large car doors and into position. The wheelchair locks into place, within easy reach of the car’s controls which are centred around a joystick.
Link (via OhGizmo)

Update: Palasik sez, "This is NOT a concept car, you can buy it in Hungary, there is a price on the distributors homepage, and it looks like, that disabled people can get it on health insurance for free. Thecnically it is a 'four wheeled mororcycle,' so that is the driving permit you have to have for it."