Donut duel in Seattle

The Ethicurean is an excellent new group blog where seven smart literary types write thoughtful and funny commentary on, you guessed it, food. Today, the "Man of La Muncha" reports on a Seattle donut duel. When I visited Seattle a few weeks ago, BB pal Kirsten Anderson took me to Top Pot and I concur with Man of La Muncha that it's an excellent place to "get doned." From the post:
 Wp-Content Uploads 2006 07 Donuts Calling Krispy Kreme a donut shop is like calling a Boeing plant a workshop. The Krispy Kreme in Northgate is like the other Krispy Kreme locations I have visited, a small factory with an assembly line that rolls fresh donuts from the cooking area to the counter, where they are go on trays for display. The interior is bright green and white and there is a lot of space pabetween the counter and the booths, even taking into account the display stands of Krispy Kreme paraphernalia. The service is friendly and efficient, and we place our donuts in the back seat and head to the next shop.

I should mention that we have no way of tasting the donuts simultaneously under ideal conditions, so we will put all of them at a disadvantage. Each donut will sit in the back of our car, drying out and warming or cooling to about 80 degrees until it reaches the cool shade of our kitchen.