Quake rocket-jumper video that kicks ass

Check out this 20-minute video of a virtuoso Quake III player doing the most amazing "rocket-jump" acrobatics I've ever seen. Rocket-jumping is when you point a rocket-launcher (or other seriously concussive weapon) at the floor near your feet, and jump just as it goes off, getting a boost from the concussion, riding the shockwave.

The creator of this 2004 video has turned on "God mode" so that the rocket blasts don't hurt, and then showed what a rocket-jumper with serious mad skillz can do when unleashed on the more imaginative Quake III maps.

There's something almost laugh-out-loud funny about the combination of Matrix-style editing and novel, precise rocket-jump moves. Even if you're not a Quake player (I'm not, particularly, though I live with a retired member of the UK national Quake team) this is every bit as engrossing as any parkour video or Olympic demonstration sport. Link (via Wonderland)