Steampunk weekly serial - handsome editions

I've just gotten a set of chapbooks from Penguin, a steampunk Victorian serial called "The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters." The chapbooks are very handsome (see the Flickr set), and are being produced in limited runs of 5,000 copies each. The chapbooks come out weekly, sent directly to subscribers, and each one contains a chapter in the overall novel.

I only got a chance to browse the first chapter before I had to go today, but it read like a good story --- it's definitely going into my queue. The physical objects are so lovely, so nicely designed, it'd be a shame not to read them. I'm especially fond of the gradient color of the covers, each installment a little darker than the previous, so they form a kind of descending color-wheel on the bookshelf. If you're going to bother to print a book at all, it's awfully swell to print a set as handsome as these. Link

Update: As many have pointed out, these can't be shipped to the US. You have been notified.

Update 2: Steven Farmer sez, "U.S. readers can order 'Glass Books of the Dream Eaters' from, they just won't ship the product until January 25th, 2007."