Toy Story/Requiem for a Dream mashup trailer vid

Another genius film-trailer remix: Requiem for a Dream meets Toy Story 2. This one is also amazingly well-put-together (though less frightening than yesterday's Scary Mary Mary Poppins mash). Link (Thanks, Melisslissliss!)

Update: Ryan sez, "That music playing in the Toy Story 2/Requiem Trailer is a remix of a song from independent Canadian artist, Old payphones becoming "masturbation stations" in NYC GuyFi-crop-990x350-640x226

Neglected public payphones in New York City are being turned into “GuyFi” stations: a place where one can rub one out for the sake of “stress relief.” Annalee Newitz reports on the wank booths from a company named “Hot Octopus”… The company reported that at least 100 men used the booth on its opening day […]


After 40 years, Sony retires Betamax


You’d be forgiven for thinking the videocassette format long-dead, but it turns out that Betamax is still around. Sony is finally going to withdraw tapes from sale, bringing a 40-year story to an end. The last recorders were sold in 2002. ベータビデオカセットおよびマイクロMVカセットテープ出荷終了のお知らせ [Sony; via The Verge]


In leaked document, Comcast admits data caps are not about congestion

comcass comcast donkey

A leaked Comcast memo discloses that the company’s consumer data caps have nothing to do with network congestion, contrary to its public claims. The internet service provider has often complained (such as when lobbying against net neutrality) that it must impose limits on service to prevent network congestion. The argument suggests that these measures are […]


Write code whenever and wherever: save 76% on a 3 year subscription to Codeanywhere

You travel around a lot. It might be that jet set life from New York to LA to London to Tokyo, or it might be back and forth from the coffee shop to the office, or from the kitchen to the couch. Any which way, you’re mobile and that’s the way to live. When you […]


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It’s 2016 and we like our technology really small. Our phones fit in our pockets, our remotes are lighter than ever, and even our cars seem to be shrinking. So your new drone shouldn’t be an exception. This Axis VIDIUS Drone is 21% off right now and it’s so little, your biggest problem won’t be […]


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You’ve heard the news: cyber security is the new and very scary frontier. Hackers are out there just waiting for you to relax for a second and let them in. But that’s not going to happen to you. With a lifetime premium subscription to ZenMate VPN, you’re completely protected from anyone out there who wants […]