Disney's employee manual, 1943

Amid sez, "We've posted a complete copy of the 1943 booklet THE ROPES AT DISNEY, which was given to new employees at the Disney Studio. The booklet covers mundane and fascinating aspects of the studio like the male-only Penthouse club, 'off-the-lot passes,' personal phone calls and studio visitors. Lots of great illustrations as well."

Nothing like a jolly little illo of a demon stabbing you with a pitchfork to illustrate the "Discharge" section.

If you find it necessary to leave the lot for any reason during working hours, be sure to get a rain-check in the form of an "OFF THE LOT" pass. Then don't forget to punch out through the Time Office. If you are leaving on Company business, your pass may be signed by your Department Head or Unit Manager. In all other cases your pass must be signed by Hal Adelquest.

Remember, you will be paid for time spent off the lot ONLY if this period is covered by an "OFF THE LOT" pass.

Link (Thanks, Amid!)

Update: Humuhumu sez, "I think perhaps, though, that it might be worth pointing out that this brochure was produced during the years that the Disney Studios were essentially under occupation by the U.S. Government, as they aided in the war effort. Aninmation history fans already know how much the on-site military operation changed those years at Disney, but the wider general Boing Boing audience may not know that. It's what makes this brochure particularly fascinating (and partially explains some of the more draconian aspects)."