Scanner for books

Plustek's new OpticBook 3600 is a low-cost scanner optimized for scanning books -- it has a little shelf-thing at the edge that makes it easier to get the book flatter, and some kind of "Shadow Elimination Element" to correct for the distortion and shadow cast by the hump of the book at the spine. Link (via Gizmodo)

Update: Charles sez, "I bought this scanner a year ago for my site Modern Mechanix and I have been in love with it ever since. I got it after a frustrating couple of weeks trying to scan magazines on my old ScanJet 4400. It is by far the fastest scanner I've ever used. Full color pages at 300 dpi take around 5 seconds. Scanning a 70 year old magazine that's has printing all the way to the inner margin with a really tight biding is still a pain in the ass, but without the glass flush to the edge of the scanner it would be nearly impossible."