Victorian spy camera disguised as a pocket-watch

This Victorian "pocket watch" is actually a cunningly disguised spy-camera:
The Lancaster Ladies Watch Camera was brought into Bonhams by a gentleman whose grandfather had owned it originally. He was a cabinetmaker at the Birmingham-based firm J. Lancaster & Son, probably working on the many wooden cameras sold by the company. The vendor, consigning several watches to one of Bonhams’ sales, noticed that among his collection was what looked like an ordinary nickel-plated pocket watch case when closed – but when he opened it he discovered that it actually contained a tiny camera inside.


  1. On the History Channel they were showing the Spy Museum that has all of these types of devices. It was amazing to actually see these gadgets, considering many of them were made during the early 1930s-1940s.

    I actually have seen lapel pin cameras. This interested me, because I collect custom lapel pins.

    The microfilm would hold hundreds of documents. Very neat stuff.

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