Spherical tree-house

Free Spirit Spheres build lovely, spherical wooden treehouses that you enter via a suspension bridge. The photo-gallery documents the construction and installation of "Eryn," a five-windowed spherical tree-dwelling with an electric kitchen, sleeping area, and living area. Link (Thanks, MarkM!)


  1. They should engrave their family name on the back of it so it looks like the wooden balls from Minority Report.

  2. I thought this was super nice until I saw the pictures of the interior.


    Obviously woodworkers aren’t the best for interior design, it looks like an RV! A shame considering how sophisticated and wonderful it looks from the outside.

    I would love to see what a talented designer could do with one of these.

  3. That’s one way to literally reduce the ecological footprint of your home… absolutely brilliant, I’d love to live in one.

  4. The thing about living in something like that is, every movement that you make in it would be obvious to passersby. Every movement. If the sphere’s a-bobbin’…

  5. I guess you can’t expect someone who builds a giant spherical treehouse to have good taste, but good god man, that interior is HIDEOUS. Its like a floating torture chamber.

  6. At $150,000 “free spirit” is the wrong name for it. It should be called “wealthy capitalist pretending to be a hippie in a wooden bubble.”

  7. These things are just up the road from me on Vancouver Island, Canada.

    There was a story in the Globe and Mail about them as well.

  8. The cost is way, way out of line AND no shitter! Too small. You could buy an old wooden or fiberglass boat and mount it on a post and install a composting toilet for 1/10th the price. Those lines holding the sphere up are not doing the trees any good (girdling), nor is the stairway. You’d have to move it every few years and kill other trees.

  9. hi all:) i stayed in one. the builder and inventor is my freinds father. Its an amazing experience, not one that i will ever forget. they’re amazing treehouses and the sway is just perfect. its awesome waking up to a view of the tops of the trees:)It was treuly a great experience:)

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