Six-horned goat

Sixgoat According to, this six-horned goat, a rare beast, lives on a farm in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.


  1. Seven -horned goats??? Isn’t it a sign of the end of times? Prepare for the rapture, forget unlocking your iphone, you won’t make to the next AT&T bill!

  2. Seven eyes, Anonymous.

    Seven horned goats are a sign of the “eh” of times, when people just don’t give a darn.

    Hmmm. Google Ads are offering Goat Ringtones and “Watch Goat Videos.”

  3. #3, what, no Google ad for “six-horned”

    Expect the Rolling Stones to sue that “Goat Milk Soap” ad for copyright infringement.

  4. That goats given me the horn!

    Isn’t it great Boingboing has comments!


    That’s like words stuck together to make sentences! Wow, isn’t that a wonderful thing?

    Ahhh….goats…Hmmm…Excessive production of Keratinous protuberances…Boing!

  5. Thanks Jessica, I was just going to say the same thing. Not unusual at all. My friend raises them.

  6. Oh, and it’s a SHEEP, NOT a goat. yeesh. Maybe double-check the farm animal postings with a quick google search before posting. People are always confusing my Soay sheep with goats too.

  7. Now if a Rhino with only one horn is considers a source of aphrodisic
    – What does it say about this Goat..

  8. #1, the “end of the world” person has no idea what their talking about… the goat has 6 horns not 7… and obviously a little disoriented.

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