Face in the clouds

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Our friends at Fortean Times have posted a bunch of new reader-submitted "simulacra photos." In Fortean terms, simulacra photos depict "spontaneous or natural figures or images. These can occur in nature as well as in the chance conjunction of artefacts." This cloudy face was snapped last winter with a phonecam in Sittingbourne, Kent, England. Link


  1. The human brain is an incredible pattern recognition machine – and had been honed by evolution to recognise faces. But sometimes it’s a little too eager and produces false positives (hence the man/men in the moon, for example). I can see at least three distinct, humanlike faces in this cloud formation. (One in profile, looking to the right, one chubby childlike face with small eyes looking down and to the left, and another mournful face looking down/right). This is just an artefact of over-powerful pattern recognition algorithms running on insufficient data…and not really newsworthy

    – Andrew

  2. The human brain is wired to recognize faces everywhere. There’s nothing spookier about this than the face that will spontaneously appear below:


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