Instructor rosters for Clarion and Clarion West science fiction writing workshops

The Clarion Science Fiction Writers' Workshop has announced its instructor lineup for summer 2008 -- and it's a stellar bunch! Clarion is a kind of six-week boot-camp for sf writers (I'm a graduate, sometime instructor and member of the Board of Directors for The Clarion Foundation, the nonprofit that oversees the workshop), and this year's teachers are: Kelly Link, James Patrick Kelly, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Neil Gaiman, Nalo Hopkinson and Geoff Ryman.

Not to be outdone, the Clarion West workshop (a kind of sister workshop, but located in Seattle instead of San Diego) has announced its lineup for this summer: Paul Park, Mary Rosenblum, Cory Doctorow, Connie Willis, Sheree R. Thomas, and Chuck Palahniuk.

Yes, I taught Clarion this past year and will teach Clarion West next year. There's a pretty good chance I'll end up doing another (undisclosed) Clarion the year after, and then I'm taking a several-year hiatus. These things are incredibly rewarding, but man, they're hard work!

Link to Clarion roster, Link to Clarion West roster


  1. Nice lineup. Given how thrilling it can be to merely -see- an author at a book reading/signing event, it just blows the mind to contemplate having the opportunity to -learn- from them for six weeks. If I were going to the San Diego Clarion workshop I’d be particularly excited about Geoff Ryman, he’s one of only two authors (along with David Mitchell) to have -two- books that’ve earned a place on my ‘All-Time Favorites’ bookshelf …

    So very jealous of people who’ll be going! =)

  2. Do the Clarion workshop authors have signing events for people who aren’t attending the workshop? I go to school at UCSD, where Clarion is being held, and would love to get a couple of books signed, despite being unable to attend the entire seminar.

  3. Hi there, I was wondering if international students can apply to Clarion, or if priority is given to American writers. Thanks for any info!

  4. The instructors usually do a bookstore signing and sometimes something on campus. These things are *exhausting*, though — I think I averaged 4h sleep/night this year. I was getting up at 4:30, blogging and answering email for an hour, then reading student mss until 7:30. Breakfast and shower, then lead a yoga class from 8:30-9. Workshop from 9-noon. Email and lunch 12-1. Student meetings 1-4 (some days 1-5). An hour of reading, then dinner, then lead a walk to the sunset point. Then an evening lecture from 8-9, then read until midnight. With that schedule, fitting in a campus event for the general public is pretty much impossible.

    The students have a slightly more relaxed schedule — they’re reading 3-4 mss/day, and writing an average of one story/week, and attending the lectures.

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