Video for Frontalot's nerdcore song about Zork

sez, "MC frontalot has an awesome new video for his song 'It Is Pitch Dark,' which is all about, you guessed it, being eaten by a Grue. As he says on his website: 'We welcome the general public to begin its viewing of the It Is Pitch Dark music video. This is directed by Jason Scott as an HD extra for his documentary on text adventures, Get Lamp. If you do not care for the wee QuickTime or DivX files at, you can help yourself to the gigantor 1280x720 HiDef QT, a mere 474 megs, available via torrent, or! you can go in the other direction and check out the shittiest available res over on YouTube. Blind fans will probably enjoy the mp3 instead.'"

This is hands-down my favorite track on the new Frontalot album, and the video is great. MOV Link (Thanks, xzackly!)

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  1. I was always confused about what a Grue was when playing Zork…or Return to Zork…or the Legend of Zork.

    Speaking of Text based adventure game did anyone every play “Legend of the Red Dragon” available only on BBS’ That game was great and I bet it could be popular once again if someone did an online rehash.

  2. I am afraid I must contradict the mighty Ron Burgundy, who claimed that Afternoon Delight was the greatest composition in human history.

    This clearly takes first prize.

  3. I used to play all kinds of BBS door games when I was a kid and the internet wasn’t pervasive yet… Trade Wars 2002, Barren Realms Elite, and Tele-Arena were my favorites.

    LORD still exists in the form of Legend of the Green Dragon and lots of folks still play it. Find a server and in no time at all you’ll be flirting with Violet just like the old days.

    You can also find TW2002 games around still, usually servers you can just telnet into. Back in the GeoCities days I used to have a cheesy TW2002 info websites – that was when I first learned how to do javascript image rollovers, and now I’m a professional web developer. God bless BBSes!

  4. There was a Zork reference on the pilot episode of “Chuck” (NBC series premiering in the US). The show was pretty funny, actually. The title character, Chuck, gets an email from an old friend, and the password to open it required him to remember what he had in his inventory when he and his friend played Zork in college.

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