Mothman vinyl toy and festival photos

Mothhorvath Yesterday, Point Pleasant, West Virginia hosted its annual Mothman Festival, a celebration recognizing a strange bird-like cryptid whose reported sightings in the 1960s were linked by some to a string of weird events and a tragic bridge collapse. Last time I was in New York City, I spotted this amazing Mothman vinyl toy in the display case at Kid Robot. Released last year, the limited edition Mothman was designed by David Horvath, co-creator of the wildly popular Ugly Doll toys. Link to Vinyl Pulse's Mothman toy review from 2006

And for a glimpse of this year's Mothman Festival, the Charleston Daily Mail has a small photo gallery of the festivities. Link

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  1. Wow, at first glance I thought it was a videogame controller. Now, of course, I really *want* a Mothman videogame controller

  2. Edgeore, that is a *great* idea. You’re totally right–it looks just like a controller. I think Electronic Arts should commission Loren Coleman to write a “Search for the Cryptids” vidgame and box it with this controller.

  3. I think most Vinyl is still fairly toxic though — keep these away from your kiddies, and if you’re not done breeding yet, I’d suggest you stay away from it too.

  4. Yeah, Ross, my vinyl collection contains levels of FUNK recognized as dangerous by the Food and Drug Administration.

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