Cory Doctorow cosplayers at the XKCD picnic


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  1. kaosdevice says:

    For some reason using an actual living person as the object of cosplay = Silence of the Lambs to me.

  2. lesliet says:

    The original strip that the meetup was based on (with time/place coordinates).

  3. Personman says:

    One of those dressed as a stick-figure was my roommate… The meetup was an absolute blast, complete with a break dancing raptor, tape-measure-extension contests, and much signing of things by Randall.

  4. Peter K. says:

    The balloon bit wasn’t the only time your name came up as part of the punchline, though it might’ve been the funnier instance.

    Now shouldn’t you be off making some noise about the inappropriate application of intellectual property or something?

  5. jtf says:

    I didn’t actually make that connection, but now that I remember, there were about three or four cosplayers dressed up as Cory Doctorow.

    Randall Munroe told some of the MIT students to bring boffing weapons, so we obliged. And yeah, I can now say that I got to lead a charge against a raptor with a foam spear in my hand. Call that an achievement, heh.

    Fun stuff.

  6. ethan says:

    I was there yesterday, and I’m still going WHEEEEEEEEEE!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Of course they may not have all been dressed up as Cory Doctorow. Some may have been in costume as time-traveling retro-bloggers from the future.

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