Simpsons film references - frame-by-frame comparisons

This giant image file (of unknown provenance) compares cells from classic movies with their send-ups in The Simpsons. There are a whopping 66 of them! Link


  1. I love that someone has finally put together at least some of the movies with the stills in the Simpsons. The writers always joke on the commentaries about doing Citizen Kane or The Godfather by just linking together the clips from different episodes that have been inspired by those movies (such a nice term). Thanks for the link, it’s great.

  2. Great stuff to wake up to!

    Sorry to be “that guy” but Family Guy did what I thought was a great Star Wars episode last night as well.

  3. ONLY 66? I would have thought there’d be hundreds, by now. Good heavens–“32 Short Films About…” alone should have yielded 66.

  4. I suspect this list is just a start, and in fact some of these 66 are from the same shot in a film. I’d guess there should be hundreds as well.

    As one who grew up watching The Simpsons religiously, I’d often get the references years later when I started watching more of the classic films the show imitates.

  5. Heck, there are entire archives just of Kubrick references. The Simpsons have reprised scenes from most of his movies.

  6. I’ll have to respectfully disagree, Strider. Grey Poupon references? Dirty Dancing dance number? Those jokes were amusing back in nineteen-eighty-NEVER. (I found the Robot Chicken sketches infinitely more amusing.)

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