Geek exercise challenge: Walk to Rivendell


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  1. dishliquid says:

    Some one should make a Facebook app so you can show off your progress to your friends.

  2. Anonymous says:

    According to the book, (which I don’t have with me at the moment, so I’m trusting this time line‘s accuracy) the hobbits walked those 1625 miles from Minas Tirith to Hobbiton between Aug 14 & Nov 3. That’s a bit less than 20 miles a day. Quite a bit of walking, especially when you consider how short their legs were.:)
    Not unrealistic, though; you just know that’s the sort of thing Tolkien would be a stickler for. Er, “for which Tolkien would be a stickler.”

  3. wray says:

    You can use the Google Earth tape measure tool to calculate the length of your route. Accurate and geeky.

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