Dalek cufflinks

I wear cufflinks approximately 0.6 times/year, but even so, I'm tempted by these Dalek cufflinks. Do you think I could wear them with a t-shirt? Link (via Wonderland)


  1. I love these cufflinks, I got a couple of these as christmas presents to give to my friends last year and they loved them – plus you can get 10% off at UK Cufflinks before christmas too, just enter the coupon code ukc219on during checkout to get your discount at

  2. I think Strider was looking for


    And yes, eyewear would rule. I’m the only Doctor Who fan in my circle of friends so I need little things like this.

  3. Put some button holes in the sleeve bottoms and there you go. Instant spot to hang cuff links.
    They will be fantastic with a Dr Who T. :D

  4. Cuff links can be great engraved with a special date – particularly good gifts to mark weddings and special birthdays.

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