Twisted game simulates running McDonald's

Today's review on the video-game review site "Play This Thing" is of a twisted and funny parody of life at McDonald's called McDonald's Video Game:
Paolo Pedercini is a mad bastard, and the McDonald's game is his sharp, procedural satire of how fast food is a corrupt industry by necessity. The game is set up so that you cannot win without compromising. Try it, you'll see. While you can maintain mild growth without using hormones or genetically modified crops, your bosses will not be satisfied. To really succeed, you have to employ what some might call "unnatural" means, though at Corporate, they call it "McFriendly growth measures".

The game is drawn with a crazy flair, the blood splattered happy meal at the title screen should be some indication. There are subtle touches, like the joint perpetually hung out the mouth of a marketer, or the fact that some of your customers are men with beards wearing skirts -- a byproduct of the randomly combinatorial nature of the character generation system. Watching the constant flow of people getting their trays, then walking off, is sickly hypnotic; it's the core pulse of the game's system, where the commodities turn into cash and complete the play loop, and its also an abstraction of something that is going on all over the world, many times a second. The illustrations and writing are pretty on-point as well (hint: before you bulldoze the Amazonian village to plant more GMO soy, start a "McDonald's for the Third World" campaign).



  1. has there been an update to the game since its original release? i’m wondering the reason of why that site is posting about it now since it’s been out for many years.

    Either way, I remember playing this a long while ago and it was awesome; but it was also pretty difficult to compromise enough so that you win. I think it catches the McIndustry very well.

  2. I’d love to see a game that skewers WalMart the same way.

    The challenge would be to game the system so that you wind up with a job, a living wage, and health benefits, if you’re a worker; or so that you can afford to put clothes on your kids’ backs without creating an economy wherein they’ll be ever less likely to be able to do the same for their kids, if you’re a consumer.

    Or so that you can stop attempts by people with a sense of economic justice to stop you being obscenely rich billionaires and make you merely digustingly rich billionaires, if you’re one of Sam Walton’s kids.

    Then there’s the whole Chinese factories angle….

  3. woohoo! made 300,000 then all my cows died :o\ stupid geopolitical health people sued me to the moon anyways :o(

  4. I am shocked, SHOCKED, that the writers of Boing Boing do not have a sixth-sense-like ability to detect when a cultural artifact has been previously written about anywhere else on the internet.

    I am also shocked by the premise that a business’ bottom line can be benefited by taking ruthless advantage of money-saving opportunities.


  5. Does Mc Donald takes any legal action on this guy? maybe, the management of Mc Donald took it the same way as those Southpark parodies.
    Wish, the builder of the games can do a game like this for Donald Trump construction business.

  6. Speaking of a bloody happy meal, in 2001 I made a music video for “Ping Pong”, the band that represented Israel in the 2000 Eurovision contest and who, as an act of rebellion, waved Syrian flags and called for peace on stage (it was an honor to work with them).

    The music video was made for an ironic, anti fast food chain song called “Burger Ranch” after Israel’s own answer to McDonald’s. It invlvoes happy meal toys, blood, and jumpy pop music.

    check it out here:

  7. the game come from the Italian crew “Molleindustria”

    there are an other game: Operation Pedopriest
    “Once again the Church is in the midst of controversies for the sexual abuses committed by the priests.
    The Vatican created a task force to prevent sinners from being captured and put on trial according to the secular states’ laws. You have to control the operations: estabilish a code of silence and hide the scandal until the media attention moves elsewhere!”

    based on BBC “Sex crimes and Vatican” that caused a lot of controversies here in Italy.

    The Italian politic Luca Volontè ask for a censorship on this game.

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