Arthur C. Clarke on Sputnik


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  1. anangbhai says:

    Love his stories. Cannot bloody believe this great man is still alive. He’s right about them space elevators too.

  2. sabik says:

    #1 – “I Remember Babylon”, Playboy, March 1960; collected in “Tales of Ten Worlds” and “The Collected Stories” (p.702-710).

    A decade later than you remember it :-)

    As I understand it, the Indian sex statues were just a sampler; the channel itself was intended to have more varied programming.

  3. W. James Au says:

    I distinctly remember reading a Clarke short story from the early 50s where the hero meets a Soviet agent who admits to him that their satellites are going to broadcast hours and hours of video depicting Indian sex statues into the televisions of America, and thus turning us into masturbating zombies ripe for takeover. (It was the Cold War, son, you had to be there.) Anyone remember the title?

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