Tanks-A-Lot of Northants, UK, rents military tanks for memorable occasions like proms, weddings, and "corporate fun" days. From the "Corporate Fun" page at their site,
The resultant benefit to people who participate in our events include enhanced team loyalty, confidence and personal development - produced thorough activities that are fun, exciting and stimulating - and that won't be forgotten. Even the shyest, most cautious person leaves our events with a sense of real achievement and enjoyment. Often previously unnoticed personal qualities such as leadership and team participation soon become apparent discovered during our activities. Staff and management at all levels, from all sizes and types of companies have received a tangible benefit from their day with TANKS-A- LOT.
Link (Thanks, Vann Hall!)


  1. Too bad you can’t rent the Chieftan except for crushing a car. Too bad they would never allow something like this in the USA.

  2. Oh, I’m sure you’ll get the pacifist crew crying outrage, but what the hell? I mean, it’s just like riding in a big dump truck, it’s goofy and fun! I mean, who hasn’t had a fleeting thought of driving a tank through rush hour traffic? It’s not about loving “war”, it’s about being a big kid and playing with life size toys! Every boy had some kind of tank toy, soldiers, whatever when he was a kid! It’s just a little something different from riding around in our nice, impotent, environmentally safe hybrids all the time. Everything doesn’t have to have a sinister underpinning. It’s Builder Bob gone wild! Geez, loosen up people!

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    here is a link to tank rentals in the USA for your ‘team’ building exercise. Nothing like the real fear of death to bring people together. Now if only we get Burger King and McDonald’s to fight it out on pay per view for true burger supremacy!!!

  4. At my high school, the big thing with prom was the vehicle– it was what people talked about the next week. Future EMTs borrowed ambulances, firetrucks, et cetera; furniture trucks, old cars, new cars, shopping carts; one guy’s father built a rickshaw and pulled it. This would have been completely awesome.

  5. Oooooh. I’ve always wanted one of those.

    Some while after the USSR broke up, I saw an ad for a military surplus Soviet personnel carrier. I’m not sure it was street legal in its unmodified state, and it would have been a strain to maintain freeway speeds, but you could kiss bridge tolls goodbye, and you’d never have to worry again about being sideswiped by idiots.

  6. Hot damn! That’s it; when someone makes the inevitable remake of THE GRADUATE, Benjamin Braddock will show up at the church in a tank!

  7. Wow, I seriously cannot think of a more appealing use for a tank; I only wish they’d had such an operation in the US back when I was a corporate type (suddenly a group outing to Dave & Buster’s seems so very … mundane). Wonder how much extra they charge to let you roll that baby over certain coworkers’s cars?

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