Congress: don't cripple the suit against the NSA's warrantless wiretapping program


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  1. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    Tnko, Zos, you’re right — it’s disruptive and upsetting, and I deplore the necessity. But at the moment, it appears to be impossible to discuss the episode without having people ragging on Le Guin.

    There’s a longer comment on this in the Lessig thread.

  2. jere7my says:

    However, I’m right there with ya on the warrantless wiretapping. Grar.

  3. edtastic says:

    I’m pretty sure the headline for this article is screwed up. In print, a headline that includes a name or institution (“Congress”) followed by a colon (:) followed by a point of view (“don’t cripple…”) always indicates that the institution or named person is the one espousing that opinion. When I read this headline, I expected an article that related Congress’ opinion that the lawsuit should not be crippled. A proper headline would be “Doctorow: don’t cripple the suit against the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping program” or “Doctorow to Congress: don’t cripple the suit against the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping program” or “Congress, don’t cripple the suit against the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping program” with a comma instead of a colon.

  4. DragonPhyre says:

    If there isn’t a way to comment on a post, then comments have been disabled for that post. Probably because it doesn’t warrant a discussion.

    Secondly, Keep up the good fight EFF! I have donated to you, and I see my donations have gone to good use.

    Keep fighting for the little guy! Or in this case, the entire USA.

  5. BlackAndy says:

    Fr ths lkng t cmmnt n th L Gn sttn, th Lssg pst (nfrtntly) hs dscssn gng n thr.

    Words can’t describe the appreciation I feel toward the EFF and everyone else who is pushing the current administration to stop obfuscating and argue its case in the courtroom. The secrecy and corruption of this administration appall me, and I have an even dimmer view of their attempts to dismantle the US Constitution.

    I wish there was a possibility of having 60 Democrats in the Senate before the 2008 elections, but there isn’t so you’re who we depend on to keep fighting the good fight.

  6. zds says:

    Boy this is just a thread of deleted posts.

    Even the mod’s posts were deleted.

    BB, I’ve been following this “issue” since it came to light. I really don’t understand. Why bother re-enabling comments at all? I’m sorry Cory is being put through the wringer but this is a natural topic for people to want to talk about it. You have a website that allows people to comment. You can’t just selectively delete without commenting reasonable (a lot that got deleted seemed reasonable to me) posts and expect to foster some kind of community.

    Additionally, the whole issue is really interesting. What’s okay to copy, when do “take down notices” go to far, what are the responsibilities of sites that have illegal content, is there a middle ground? A lot of the content on BB attempts to answer those questions. But here they are, Cory in effect brought them right to BB’s doorstep, and it appears BB ignored the opportunity to talk about those questions.

    Why pretend nothing is going on?

  7. Raian says:

    A fairly disturbing state of affairs– which I hope the court system is able to remedy.

    nd n th L Gn mttr– sh hs ctd vry nslrly n th pst, lk ftr th rls f th Jpns dpttn f Tls Frm rths.

    L Gn my b clbrtd wrtr, bt tht dsn’t ncssrly mk hr hsptbl hmn bng.

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