Cartoonist's car doused with used engine oil


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  1. DragonPhyre says:

    @slawkenbergius: that’s the best thing about free speech. I don’t have to care WHAT you think is funny, I can say whatever I want.

    And all this bullcrap about ‘hate speech’ needs to stop too. There is no such thing. You are allowed to say whatever you want about someone. If you actually do those things then you are supposed to go to jail. Saying something does not mean you are going to do something.

    This country is going downhill FAST.

  2. JamesProvost says:

    I think this is a clever product plug by Valvoline.

  3. Steve Zembek says:

    I don’t get why he mentions a specific brand of oil.

  4. Charlie says:

    I know Jason.

    The great thing is. Not only is this guy not funny, he really is as slawkenbergius put it “an arsehole”.

    He deserves every drip of oil on that car and a whole lot more.

  5. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    Steve Zembek, possibly because he was quoting the neighbor.

    Truthfriction, TrevorJ, Slawkenbergius: I assume you’d have the same reaction if it were your car? Or do you have some additional information not contained in the story the rest of us read?

    Dragonphyre, “free speech” does not and never has meant that you can say whatever you want.

    Congratulations on having the sheer dumb luck to not belong to any classes or categories that are the recipients of hate speech. Only people who’ve never been on the receiving end of it can afford to pretend it doesn’t exist. The ones that have know damned well that it exists.

  6. TruthFriction4 says:

    I suppose this is one way to get free publicity, but I would have used chocolate instead of motor oil.

    Seriously, is there any indication that this vandalism was because of this artist’s work, or are we all running on assumptions here?

  7. trevorj says:

    Second that – where’s the evidence this isn’t just random vandalism of some kind? This guy cartoons for the kind of free weekly paper you get unasked-for in your letterbox (or so Googling reveals), so how controversial could he be?

  8. nygadfly says:

    FTA: “He politely informed me that someone had decided to completely coat my (white) car in Valvoline Engine Oil.”

    Judging from the photo, the word “completely” must have a different meaning in Australia than in the rest of the English-speaking world.

  9. slawkenbergius says:

    That joke about Stevie Wonder wasn’t funny in the slightest. The guy’s an arsehole. He probably deserved it.

  10. The Astronot says:

    What? Hopefully he used synthetic then he won’t have to grease anything for like 5000 miles.

  11. trevorj says:

    “Truthfriction, TrevorJ, Slawkenbergius: I assume you’d have the same reaction if it were your car? Or do you have some additional information not contained in the story the rest of us read?”

    Well, of a sort: as it happens, Jason Chatfield’s hometown of Perth is my hometown too. But I really did need to Google his name to discover that fact – I’d never heard of him. People around here just don’t read free weeklies of the kind he cartoons for, and as such, they’re simply not capable (in my opinion) of attracting the kind of notoriety that would lead to revenge attacks, payback, etc. Hence my preferred “mindless vandalism” theory. (And yes, of course I’d be incredibly annoyed if someone poured motor oil all over my car. Who wouldn’t?)

  12. Korpo says:

    … This country being Australia?

    Also, Australia does not have any guaranteed right to free speech in their constitution.

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