Police revolver muzzle-cam from 1938

This Modern Mechanix article from 1938 depicts a new police revolver outfitted with a muzzle-camera to record evidentiary photos. In the illustration, the cop appears to be shooting a bullet's-eye-view snap of a mob style muzzle-to-temple execution. Link


  1. I was thinking about this while watching the Bourne ultimatum with the gun cam they had there. Minus the screen ever police officers gun should have a camera and mic that are activated as soon as the gun is removed from the holster.

    Also a police officer should have an audio recording of everything he says during every shift. The audio should be then dumped into a secure computer system. certain sections of the audio could only be accessed via a court order in cases where the officer is accused of something or the audio is needed to convict someone the officer dealt with.

    “If you’re doing nothing wrong you’ve got nothing to be afraid of” may be a bullshit statement.

    But in the case of police officers its necissary. You get cases like the kid with the dashboard cam recording a cop that was threatening to make up charges against him. Or cops that say the suspect was holding a gun when they fired.

  2. re: execution: “The camera is set in action by a slight pressure on the revolver trigger, independent of the firing of the weapon.”

    If that’s an uncocked typical issue .38 special police revolver, there’s probably a substantial trigger pull margin between “take a picture” and “blow perp away”.

    But geez, that’s insanely bad firearms safety.

    Today, of course, you could have a wrap-around video buffer, no need to tell the camera when to record. Didn’t we just see BB coverage of UK cops with helmet-mounted video?

  3. “Didn’t we just see BB coverage of UK cops with helmet-mounted video?”

    hopefully we’ll be seeing it everywhere, with all the non lethal weaponry coming out there has to be a new level of accountability.

    like with that pain ray.

    “whoops, we shouldn’t have used it on that legal protest, but hey, no one got hurt.” is not going to fly.

  4. I know that’s what I want – an absolute most current photo for my obit. It goes without saying that I expect a good faith effort on the part of the forensics department to supply a minimally air brushed photo…

    David B.

  5. Good idea! Although I’m sure we’d soon get used to hearing “Oh goodness me, it appears there was a camera system malfunction at the time of the incident in question”

  6. It’s not a wooden spoon, nor is it in his pocket. It’s the holster for his revolver, and it’s hanging from his belt.

  7. I dunno… It looks to me like this copper is gonna be stirring some soup as soon as he’s done shooting perps.

    One might say he’s already got the scoop, and is ladling up a bowl of steamy, hot justice – dishing up a life sentence dirt nap gumbo as it were – to this thug.

  8. Unfortunately, most police-controlled cameras are found to malfunction when there is a possibility that they may have recorded evidence unfavorable to the police.

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