Leprechaun opens car door for pantless man

 2007 1016 14355381 240X180 This gentleman, Kim Leblanc, was arrested in Cincinnati, Ohio on Tuesday morning sitting in someone else's car and not wearing any pants. According to an article on WLWT.com, Leblanc told police that "he had done drugs and believed that a leprechaun had let him into the car."

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  1. “All right, sir. A leprechaun led you here.”
    “Yes, officer. That’s correct. A leprechaun!”
    “Okay, sir, now what about the pants?”
    “The pants?”
    “You’re not wearing any pants.”

  2. I appreciate the guy’s honesty. “Listen, officer. I was tripping balls and this leprechaun told me to drop trou and get in the car. What the hell was I supposed to do? Say NO!??”

  3. Reminds me of the dude who crashed his car into a tree and explained that, no, he didn’t crash it; a unicorn was driving at the time.

    Can’t find the link, alas.

  4. Thurber lived in Columbus, and, fortunately for him, the leprechauns never travel north of Dayton.

  5. I know that Leprechaun. He actually lives in the Northern Kentucky area and works at a local soda pop factory called Ale 8.

    I’m not joking.

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