Ouija Board art show

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Copro Nason Gallery in Santa Monica is hosting a show of ouija boards and ouija-inspired work by more than a dozen Pop Surrealist artists. "Talking Board Show" includes spooky-beautiful pieces by the likes of David Stoupakis, Carrie Ann Baade, and Meats Meier. Seen here at very top, Christopher Owen's "Goober's Ghost Chasing Kit," and, above, Travis Louie's interpretation of the Ouija. The show runs through Halloween and all of the art is also viewable online. Link


  1. omg, i love these. i particularly love the one on the last page, and the one with the crow’s skull as the planchette.

  2. Two items of related interest:

    * First, there should be a link to the story about the “O RLY?” owl photographer nastygramming Jeffrey Rowland for his Internet Ouija Mouspads; and

    * my college friend Sarah Becan produces wonderful minicomics illustrating transcripts of ouija sessions she and her brother have performed, some sweet, some silly (some ghosts have a sense of humor, it seems), and one very, very chilling.

  3. @Reviewstew (#4), Yes! Ken is a dear friend of ours. If you search BB for his name, you’ll come up with lots of posts. I had forgotten about his Ouija project!

  4. When will you have another exhibit for the Ouija Boards, I had went to the one in October of 2007? Now I would love to see them all again.. Please email me with the event schedules.

    Thank you
    For such a wonderful time then.

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