Ouija Board art show


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  1. arnold says:

    Why doesn’t this ouija board have the letter “K”??

  2. franko says:

    omg, i love these. i particularly love the one on the last page, and the one with the crow’s skull as the planchette.

  3. reviewstew says:

    And not to beat a dead horse here, but Ken Goldberg’s ouija piece has been “remixed” as a new digital artwork. The show opens tonight at the Berkeely Art Museum:


  4. 5000! says:

    Also worth mentioning are the monster-themed shows running concurrently in Copro Nason’s primary space (especially Isabel Samaras!):

    Isabel Samaras



  5. Anonymous says:

    why do people play it???

  6. Anonymous says:

    When will you have another exhibit for the Ouija Boards, I had went to the one in October of 2007? Now I would love to see them all again.. Please email me with the event schedules.

    Thank you
    For such a wonderful time then.

  7. reviewstew says:

    Excellent! And do you already know Ken Goldberg’s online ouija board, that’s part of the Berkeley Art Museum?


  8. License Farm says:

    Two items of related interest:

    * First, there should be a link to the story about the “O RLY?” owl photographer nastygramming Jeffrey Rowland for his Internet Ouija Mouspads; and

    * my college friend Sarah Becan produces wonderful minicomics illustrating transcripts of ouija sessions she and her brother have performed, some sweet, some silly (some ghosts have a sense of humor, it seems), and one very, very chilling.

  9. David Pescovitz says:

    @Reviewstew (#4), Yes! Ken is a dear friend of ours. If you search BB for his name, you’ll come up with lots of posts. I had forgotten about his Ouija project!

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