Andrew Tate: men who have recreational sex with women are actually gay

Andrew Tate, the so-called "King of Toxic Masculinity" who is good buddies with Elon Musk and was recently charged with human trafficking in Romania, has evolved. Somehow, the former kickboxer has achieved a new level of unprecedented supervillainy.

I genuinely don't know how else to frame this recent post on the Social Media Platform Formerly Known as Twitter:

Let alone the fact that it's unclear how many children Tate actually has, if any. But I'm still having trouble parsing the logic here. I can sort-of-half-assedly-ironically get behind the EdgeLord notion that masturbation is inherently gay—after all, a man with a penis who enjoys playing it is also a man who enjoys, well, playing with a man's penis. And I can sort-of squint and try to get past the "gay-as-pejorative" vibe here (not really, but I can force it if I'm earnestly trying to make sense of this). But even if I concede that point to Tate — how does "deriving pleasure from a sexual encounter with the opposite sex" possibly equate to either homosexuality or pejorative-gay-ness?

I've already wasted too much of my life thinking about this. When the reality is clearly quite simple: Tate is a monster, and a troll.

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