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  1. Tim the Pedant says:

    I’m not convinced… surely U2 can’t be that popular!

    In India the number 7 entry is Backstreet Boys, whilst Depeche Mode is at number 3 in Russia.

    How reliable is this software? And who is being measured?

  2. okkoto says:

    jesus! people like the beatles

  3. Matthew Miller says:

    Gracenote is the company that took the previously open source cddb program and all of the user-contributed data and said “Surprise! You thought this was an open project, but really it’s our way to get rich off the dot-com boom, suckers. Thanks for all the data — now, you get to pay us licensing fees to use it!”

    I suggest everyone use FreeDB, instead.

  4. slawkenbergius says:

    Funny that the top 10 artists are mainly 60s/70s supergroups, with a nice selection from the UK. Pity none of our homegrown talent seems to be doing so well nowadays. Is Radiohead the only British band to have made it big overseas recently, or is there anyone else?

    (Crossing my fingers the name Coldplay doesn’t come up.)

  5. tehmoth says:

    not sure what software david uses, but most of the ripping software i’ve used uses’s database. You can download the whole thing from them if you wished.

  6. kirbluke says:

    wow stadium arcadium is such a popular record. and so mediocre…

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