Strange 1980s Japanese whiskey commercials

Altjapan posted several amazingly surreal Japanese booze commercials from the 1980s. The best one is the last one, as described in the post:
 Photos Uncategorized 2007 11 07 Kaijin SuntoryAn Anton Gaudi building in Barcelona is inexplicably invaded by a series of kaijin that look like they stepped out of an episode of Kamen Rider. "What truly makes us drunk," intones the apparently oblivious narrator, "is LIFE."
Link (Thanks, COOP!)


  1. It’s actually several of his structures. The park, the Sagrada Familia and one of his houses he designed. Otherwise, I have no idea what any of this has to do with whiskey, but it oddly makes me want to learn to breath fire & dance w/ giant insects.

  2. “What truly makes us drunk…is Life!”. Wow.

    This goes well with the [slightly whimsical?] Charles Bronson “Mandom” aftershave ads from Japan.

    and a more interesting but [sadly] shorter Mandom ad from later on.

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