Photographer spills tea on nightmare photo shoot with RFK Jr: "My experience was at the top of the worst I've had professionally"

Professional photographer Ryan Pfluger had the misfortune of shooting Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — the unvaxxed sheep of the Kennedy clan and an infamous conspiracy wacko.

Pfluger's Instagram post about his experience is brutal. He had to sign a shady NDA before even stepping onto RFK Jr.'s property, which should've been a giant red flag. But Pfluger powered through, and boy did he regret it! He said it was "at the top of the worst [experiences] I've had professionally" and that "the disrespect was astounding."

Here's what Pfluger had to say about it:

When I was asked to do this assignment I was a bit hesitant as I've become more and more selective with who I photograph and why I'm photographing them. I was intrigued as to how he would be in person so I took the assignment but unfortunately my intuition was correct. I had to sign an NDA before even entering the property so I can't say much. This should never ever happen to a photographer day of on assignment without any warning. I either signed or the shoot didn't happen. However, I can say my experience was at the top of the worst I've had professionally (and that's saying a lot) – the disrespect was astounding and if anyone remembers my porta potty story a month or so back that was just the cherry on top. Yet, I'm glad I did this because now I have the personal experience to solidify my opinion. It's no secret that transparency is very important to me. Not every assignment is an enjoyable or respectful experience despite what social media may project.

Apparenly, Pfluger isn't the only one who had to endure Kennedy's unpleasantness. The comments are flooded with horror stories from other photographers who've dealt with him. One person even said they "drove home crying" after a shoot with the anti-vaxx prince!

Kennedy's few remaining stans tried to defend him in the comments, only to get mercilessly dragged by everyone else. One delusional commenter claimed Kennedy would "go out of his way to help anyone," which was met with a brutal response: "You don't judge a man by how he treats his friends, you judge him by how he treats strangers."

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