Balancing Bowls tip when loaded with 100g worth of snack

Royal VKB's "Balancing Bowls" are two-sided melanine snack-bowls that rock from side to side, and are balanced to tip over when one side has precisely 100g (or 250g for the large size) worth of nosh loaded into it, providing a built-in snack-measurement system. They also look great! Link


  1. Picture a see-saw; the bowls are slightly crimped so that one lies flat and the other is canted upward; when the “light” side has 100g of food added to it, it descends, raising the “heavy” side.

  2. If they do work as Cory says, which makes sense, then they appear to be extremely impractical. Why not put a weight on/in one end, move the fulcrum closer to the side, and have just one ‘bowl’ instead of dividing it in half? Eh.

  3. They’re handsome and eminently practical — I just bought one in a shop. The tilt is tiny, all of 3 degrees, and the net effect is very satisfying — you gradually add snacks to the “light” side until it makes a soft and very definite *click* as it falls.

    Once the “solids” side is filled with nuts, etc, the other side can be filled with dips and other stuff.

    The two-sided melamine snack-bowl is a design classic going back to the 1950s, and it epitomises the dawn of junk-food excess. Turning it into a portion-controlling measurement tool is great judo.

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