Best book covers of 2007


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  1. richardaholden says:

    Enhancing Evolution by John Harris has a good one, as does The Varieties of Scientific Experience by Carl Sagan (although this second one is better in real life then in a picture, as the stars are shiny!).

  2. Kevin Stockwell says:

    Maybe I’m biased because my brother Ted has a story in it, but the Indie Spinner Rack anthology, Awesome by Jon Adams is one of my favorites.

  3. Wiskey Devil says:

    I love the different layers and vibrancy of colors on Fallen Nation. What a cute monkey!

  4. ethan says:

    w00ty w00t w00t w00t for Anne Elizabeth Moore! She’s cool.

  5. BSUWG says:

    I was particularly happy with the book cover from my memoir, Tales of the Midwest (released earlier this year and freely downloadable as a PDF eBook at that link). That page also describes the process used in designing the cover. My favorite cover design aspect is the back cover listing of “advance criticism” snippets for which a dozen or so other bloggers offered insults — so much better than the usual “advance praise” found on so many books today.

  6. charlie_wallflower says:

    Things I’ve Failed At:
    autobiographical mumbles of a weirdo
    by Chusten King.

    I bought this book solely based on the cover from the author selling who was selling it on the street in Venice.

    link Things I’ve Failed At

  7. Nora Rocket says:

    The people have spoken: AEM is the book cover of today. What a lady!

  8. License Farm says:

    Aww… I wanted to see Evan Dorkin’s design for I Love You, Beth Cooper.

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