Internet Bill of Rights kicks ass


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  1. Bilsko says:

    Cory, Thanks for pointing the way to the story – I can’t seem to find the actual document in any of the links.

    The only relevant website I could find ( ) doesn’t have anything either.

    Although I guess the second par. of your quoted text says “…will have to be set up…” so I imagine that the actual document is yet to come. Anxious to see it when its out.

  2. RadioGuy says:

    Is “neutrability” actually a word?

  3. Xiguli says:

    This concept of inalienable rights in “the widest public space that mankind has ever known” really is cool–starry-eyed and likely to stay that way, maybe, but still cool. Freedom of expression is definitely a “kick-ass value” and I love to see people reminded how important it is.

    Curious, though, that BoingBoing has a policy of deleting comments. I’ve had mine deleted, without explanation, even though they weren’t flamey or offensive. Cory, your response in #2 to Mokey in #1 is so awesomely the right way to handle a disliked comment–by responding intelligently to it. (Also good: ignoring it completely.) (Which, honestly, in this case, is the best I’m hoping for.)

  4. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    It is now.

  5. mokey says:

    a market system? excuse me while i yak all over myself.

  6. Cory Doctorow says:

    Mokey, if you have a specific criticism (as opposed to taking one word out of context and then saying, essentially, I don’t like that word), please articulate it. Your comment isn’t really useful and sets a poor tone for the conversation.

    They don’t say “a market system.” They say, “right to innovation and a fair and competitive market,” as in, “Governments should minimize regulatory monopolies and advantages presently afforded to rightsholders, DRM vendors, and telcos.”

    This isn’t yak-worthy — it’s sound public policy, and reflects the kind of thing that network-freedom advocates have called for since the ISDN fights.

  7. millenomi says:

    The Italian Minister of Communications is a blogger. This doesn’t mean he’s the perfect minister (we’re still paying hundeds of thousands of euros per day as a fine to the EU because of our media monopoly and an unwillingness to pass legislation to remove it), but at least he understands our concerns.

    His blog:

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