Grow your own skin class this Sunday in LA


Chris Spurgeon says:

Following up on your post about the book bound in human skin about to go on the auction block in England, what if you want human skin for YOUR next art project, but don't want to be involved with murder, illegal sale of human remains, desecration of corpses and the like? The LA-based gallery/workshop Machine Project may have the answer!

This weekend they're hosting a lecture and workshop by members of the bio-art group SymbioticA . On Saturday night SymbioticA will be talking about some of their past projects, such as growing humane leather from individual skin cells and using a rotating micro-gravity bioreactor to create an actual human ear. Even better, on Sunday they're running a workshop at Machine Project on the basic principals of animal tissue culture and tissue engineering, aimed at would-be bio-artists and other interested parties. The workshop has a $55 fee and space is limited, so sign up early.