Official 1898 baseball document filled with foul language


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  1. semiotix says:

    This is going to completely change the way we do things at my Gentlemen’s Society for the Re-Enactment of 19th-Century Fisticuffs, Rough-Housing, and Belligerent Disportment.

  2. jplkeekif says:

    Wow, for some reason I never thought people used such “revolting terms” way back then. This is awesome!

  3. Bat Guano says:

    Of course some used profane language back then, but I always thought that “Deadwood” was exaggerating… C@%#-suckers!

  4. Paul Coleman says:

    I especially like that the document says:
    [UNMAILABLE. Must be forwarded by express.]

    Wonder if the postal service was subject to obscenity laws…probably.

  5. Umbriel says:

    The Comstock Act apparently came into force in 1873, so it would indeed probably have been illegal to mail such material.

    For more 19th Century naughtiness, check out the Barrison Sisters:

  6. Tits McGee says:

    This delights me beyond all reason.

  7. Registrado says:

    The end of the first paragraph reveals that Dick Cheney is quite a fan of old-timey baseball.

  8. agoodsandwich says:

    this makes me unreasonably happy.

  9. Cazart says:

    What!? Brian Sabean was alive in 1898?

  10. justin says:

    This makes me feel like my late-night cuss-laden Halo matches on Xbox Live are part of a grand sporting tradition. Hurrah!

  11. Roger Strong says:

    That sort of language is universal.

    Q: How do you get eight old ladies to say “Sh*t!”?
    A: Have a ninth say “Bingo!”

  12. klg19 says:

    I’m reminded of the scene from “Bull Durham,” where we learn that the one thing that will definitely get a player ejected from a game is calling the umpire a cocksucker.

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