Story of Stuff: 20 minute movie follows stuff from mine to landfill


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  1. Nautical says:

    Great film, great message.

    But to pick a nit, her example of computer upgrades being “planned obsolescence” is a stretch.

    Technology is simply improving very quickly. The reason you don’t just upgrade your CPU chip (the reason the sockets don’t typically match) is because the motherboard and memory has also improved by leaps and bounds, and is incompatible with previous tech. They change the chip & socket design so you don’t buy the wrong type for that motherboard. Not a conspiracy, just especially quick advancement of the state of the art.

    It’s true you can do a few upgrades by just replacing the “innards” (motherboard, CPU, memory), and keep the rest the same (hard drives, expansion cards, etc) without having to throw out too much. Many of us do just that, but you can only do that for so long, not because they break or it was somehow “planned” that way by evil corps, but because those techs also improve.

  2. Dr mark says:

    Hopefully this will be the last author /blogger/actress to “travel the world for ten years” …in order to discover stuff we need to know…Nice site design..just don’t buy or fly.

  3. gregger says:

    I always think of the file “Toast” that I saw in High School a long time ago when I hear about stories like this.

    It was very effective.


  4. gregger says:

    Film, not file… ugh.

  5. Bobbie Wood says:

    I love this video. It’s even easy enough for my mother-in-law to understand. We are currently having the Christmas battles over unnecessary consumption. We have asked for no presents (we don’t need any!), but my mother-in-law has decided this means we don’t appreciate her. (She does insist that it’s taking away her joy in giving, not the joy of receiving.) My grandparents were frightful racists. My children can’t imagine that. I hope we can curb our materialism the same way. Thanks for the link Boing-Boing!

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