Hello Kitty contact lenses

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Hello Kitty Hell posted this photo of a young lady modeling Hello Kitty contact lenses. Link


  1. I know that crying “Photoshopped”! is teh lame, but these seem not quite right. They’re perfectly level, even though the model’s eyes aren’t. (And, yes, I know that you can buy contacts that give you cat’s eyes and stuff.)

  2. As with astigmatic contacts, it is possible to weigh down the corner of the lens to orient it. In such a case the contacts would be plumb bob level.

    In any case, I find your lack of faith in the Kitty …disturbing.

  3. My immediate reaction was to wonder how they’d be oriented properly, but I’ve never worn contacts; those who have, does that seem feasible?

  4. And we’re all shocked because models are never photoshopped in advertisements. Why would these people ruin the good, honest trade of marketing with their subtle deception?

  5. Ah, that makes perfect sense WRT astigmatic contacts. Anyway, there are weirder things under the Hello Kitty license, according to the linked site: douches, panty liners, condoms, etc.

  6. I’ll have to get the Hello Kitty contacts to go with the Hello Kitty vibrator. I read that Hello Kitty is coming out with a line for guys. That’s a world of fail… ;)

  7. i’m with erissian here. There isnt a single legitimate advertisement image that hasnt been photoshopped these days. (this is especially true of any ad images that contain models)

  8. i think i’m a lone voice on both boingboing and japundit for this, but i happen to think they’re insanely cool.

  9. @12 HJO3
    Is this to be an empathy test?

    Capillary dilation of the so-called blush response?

    Fluctuation of the pupil.

    Involuntary dilation of the iris, er, kitty…

    We call it Voight-Kampff for short

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