Pancakes in a pressurized can

Orgbatterblas Over the holidays, my brother Charles proudly showed me his new favorite convenience foodstuff: Batter Blaster, pancake batter in a pressurized can. It's not only organic, but Batter Blaster is apparently "fast, easy and fun for the whole family." My brother says the pancakes and waffles it produces are quite tasty. Unfortunately, I didn't get to sample them.

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  1. @MDHATTER, Yes! I was surprised about the “organic” bit too. Odd. They must be trying to compensate for the wasteful packaging. ; )

  2. spay whipped cream, spray cheese, spray toothpaste and now spray pancakes and waffles. i wasn’t even aware we needed spray batter until now!

    it’s all organic and vegetarian – but it doesn’t say what the propellant is.

  3. I’ll bet the propellant is nitrous oxide, which should lead to a few good urban legends about stoners found dead with batter-filled lungs.

  4. I wonder how many waffles you can get out of one can? You know, like when you need just one, fresh, perfect waffle. With Irish butter and grade B amber maple syrup. Better than a donut.

  5. What’s next PB + J in a can? Pancake batter is flour, butter, eggs and milk! Stop being so damn lazy people. There are enough metal cans in the landfills already.

  6. hey brett, i certainly don’t come to boing boing to be lectured about the state of our nations landfills. pb&j in a spray can is a great idea, btw. thanx, I’ll have that rolled out by the second quarter.

  7. #7 – You need a leavening agent as well so either a sourdough starter (my personal favorite) or backing soda.

    I have a stand mixer so making pancakes is no problem for me, but some folks don’t have the counter space, time, inclination, etc. to make pancake batter. I think it’s a pretty neat idea.

    I think I am going to buy four or five cans and take them to the New Years Party I am going to and start a tradition of ‘Pancakes at the Party’ :)

  8. @ Sonny,
    You’re so right. I should definitly not make any enviromentally conscious comments on Boing Boing. It’s so out of context with all the technology talk. I’m gonna go post a rant on a green hippie blog where it will really make a difference.

  9. this is a novelty
    it doesn’t take a stand mixer to add water to powder and stir

    the product is a solution to a problem no one has
    if anything, Batter Blasterâ„¢ problematizes pancakes

    go buy pre-cooked frozen toaster pancakes if you’re that helpless

    or EAT OUT

  10. This is almost as good as those chocolate chip, pancake wrapped, sausages on a stick!

    I don’t know about you, but not much that comes out of a can like that tastes good. I mean, c’mon, even pancake mix and water would be better than this.


  11. Um.

    I might be naive, but seriously – how many times a week do you make pancakes? Often enough that having a can of “Batter Blaster” will improve your quality of life?

    If so, please go find a good doctor who specializes in the cardio-vascular system. You’ll need one soon.

  12. i agree that this is a terrible advance in food, health-wise, but hey, if i’m camping and i can whip out a can of batter blaster and whip up pancakes for everyone in a jiffy? awe. SOME.

  13. My nephews love these pancakes. My sis can make one or two pancakes for her toddlers without fuss or mess.

    They’ve been selling frozen PB&J sandwiches for years. The crusts are even cut off. This makes me much sadder than a can of batter.

  14. I’m pretty sure I saw this stuff mentioned on a few months back. As you can imagine, they weren’t very impressed.

  15. And I thought I was lazy for buying Bisquick (which I have long used to make a couple pancakes at a time)

    btw – am I the only one to notice that Batter Blaster and BoingBoing have the same initials? I smell a conspiracy…a buttery, mapley conspiracy.

  16. hey brett, i certainly don’t come to boing boing to be lectured about the state of our nations landfills. I CAME HERE TO DANCE

    **shake shake shake**

  17. Next they should sell a combo-kit with disposable spray oil to go with the disposable spray batter cans.
    Fuck it, sell some disposable frying pans too. Why wash a frying pan when you can just throw it away along with your spray cans.

  18. Give it a rest, folks. No one’s holding a gun to your heads to buy the dang thing, and there’s certainly no banner plastered across the top of the page reading “OMFG U GUYZ, u gotta buy this now, it’s teh gr8est!” Or however the kids today write things.

    I personally wouldn’t buy it because I know I’d come home and find my boyfriend double-gunning pancake batter and whipped cream in front of the open refrigerator. But you know, if that’s your thing, I’m cool with it. At least it keeps you out of my yard.

  19. well brett, all the hippies are c.e.o.s now so that won’t work. besides, the landfills need a peppering of steel to make for a good future aggregit. look at it this way my friend; the stoner pop. has their instant carb gratification, the can goes into a landfill where it degrades(actually quite rapidly due to conditions)future generations enjoy the rich soil with which to grow their bounty. looks like a win, win, win to me. oh, and about the spray PB&J. I’m having a bit of a problem with the chunky component. care to contribute. I’ll cut you in for 3% of the initial gain.

  20. in my wastrel youth I did some spray can grafitti, a friend had a can of spray cheez he’d brought back from the states so as a joke he “wrote” on the wall with it.

    My paint has long since faded and gone but the cheez is engrained in the concrete at a molecular level and is still there over 20 years later.

    And people eat that crap?

  21. We desperately NEED to fill our landfills to the brim, people! After the Singularity our nanites will mine them for raw materials. The more trash we make, the more flying cars our nanites can build for us!

  22. Step 1: Make an essentially harmless product that nevertheless offends the sensibilities of super serious greenies, thereby getting limitless publicity on the internets as A Symbol of Everything That is Wrong With The World.

    Step 2: ????

    Step 3: Profit!

    If one more person whines about how lazy/selfish/stupid you’d need to be to buy this, I’m going to go out and buy a case of these instant pancakes. Then I’m going to throw the empty cans into the river along with some Otter Be Gone.

    This gives me an awesome idea for a novelty gift. Imagine getting a gigantic bag of non-recyclable foam that serves no purpose but its own disposal. That’s right: it goes directly into the trash. And it’s huge and non-biodegradable. The negative publicity will draw enough traffic to my site make a mint on the Google ads I’ll have there. That’s the secret Step 2: ???? up there.

    Stay tuned.

  23. My friend and I have dubbed these CAN-cakes. Please use as new official name.
    We actually bought a can as a novelty and they’re actually really pretty good. I will probably buy again because I’m a lazy bastard who hates making pancakes but like eating them on occasion. One can got us about 10 6-8 inch pancakes.

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