Exoskeleton for farmers

Picture 5-52 Megan says: "Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology researchers developed an exoskeleton to help aging farmers perform manual tasks." Link


  1. Tyj for the Japanese. Though I’ve seen this before somewhere. Oh yeah, for helping soldiers huge load boxes of bullets to kill people with.

  2. “It’s the wrong trousers Gromit, and they’ve gone wrong!”

    Black and white chicken wanted for questioning…

  3. You’re all young, right? This is brilliant. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting and hoping for. I want one. I want it I want it I want it.

  4. Urban gardeners are always fighting bugs, Takuan.

    But now she can hurl them into the Gowanus Canal.

  5. I hope they export these things. For $2000?

    After what I went through to move my washer and dryer just a few feet so I could fix the floor… and then seeing the poor delivery guys actually carrying washers and dryers up and down the stairs… Clearly this is a must for everyone.

  6. Teresa, you’ve made me realize something. I had always assumed that what people would want, as they grew older and less mobile, is robots to do things for them — tend the garden, clean the house, haul in the groceries. Just now I have flashed on to how awful that would really be, and how much more we need mechanicals that help us do things for ourselves, even if they would superficially seem menial and tedious.

  7. And if some young punk harasses her while she’s gardening, she can also throw them into the Gowanus Canal.

  8. Granny goes nuts with her exoskeleton:

    Get on my lawn! I dare you! I double dare you!! Step on my lawn one more g-d time!

  9. I don´t understand.
    Probably it is because I am nor aging farmer.
    I am farmer and I don´t understand.

  10. I’m not a farmer.
    I’m not that old (40).
    But hot damn, I want one of these bad boys.

    PS, Comment #13 almost made me snorf my tea (ouch, and it’s hot!).

  11. Given how far in debt most American farmers are, this is great. It’ll help keep them working on paying off those loans well into their 80’s. Yay, technology!

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