Cat with five legs

Babygirl, a stray cat with five legs, will soon have surgery to remove her extra limb and another that is non-fuctional so that she can walk more easily. The cat is currently living at the Washington Area Humane Society in Pennsylvania. From the Associated Press:
Rice said some people have expressed an interest in the cat, but no one has applied to adopt her.

"We've had a few calls come in, but everyone's just kind of asking how's she doing, when's the surgery," (kennel associate Chrystin) Rice said.
Link to AP Article, Link to LocalNews8 video


  1. Interestingly, many of the people calling about Babygirl aren’t interested in adopting her, but in getting her extra limbs.

    Mmmmm, cat legs.

  2. Reminds me of a conversation my husband and I had a few nights ago- if you had a kid with 4 functional arms, would you have the two extras amputated at birth? We both agreed that we’d leave the arms and figure that the stigma would be worth having two extra arms (we’d both opt for the extra appendages for ourselves). It’d be hard to buy clothes off the rack though…

    Too bad kitty’s extra leg is an obstacle.

  3. Sounds like Mit’s right out of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower IV – Wizard in Glass. Rea of the Coos owned a 6 legged mutie cat named Musty.

  4. I used to live in Washington County, and drove by the humane society a couple times a week to go between school and my boyfriend’s place… if i still lived there i would be down for adopting Babygirl (i would certain rename this cat, tho. that’s wash,pa for you) This humane society has an entire house for cats, it’s right next to the shelter, and they are let the rule of the roost so to speak. Hope she finds a good home.

    Oh, and for a little washington, pa trivia for you- until after superbowl sunday, 2006 they renamed the town Steeler, PA for our hometown faves. Go steelers! (this may also alleviate any questions as to what kind of person names a 5-legged cat “babygirl”)

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