Friends and The Super Friends

Superfrienddds This mash-up episode of Friends and The Super Friends is a real hoot.
Link (via Laughing Squid)


  1. @DAVID PESCOVITZ, Er, you linked to Laughing Squid, which was linking to it via TV Squad, which was linking to Youtube. Sure it’s embedded, but if it’s embedded, why not just embed it here?

  2. Um, something’s wrong here. Last time I checked, this was still Boing! Boing!, and yet here I see a post referencing meta-humans without the obligatory “underwear perverts” reference.

    Is BB slipping? Is this the result of some nefarious plot by the Legion of Doom? Tune in next week, for the next exciting post in the case of “The Missing Underwear Perverts.”

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