Victoria Reynolds's meat paintings

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Victoria Reynolds creates oil paintings of raw meat. I think they're quite sensuous and I don't even eat the stuff. Seen here, "Flight of the Reindeer," (2003, 32" x 43.75"). Link to meat paintings, Link to more info at Señor Enrique (via Right Some Good)


  1. Mmm…meat. These paintings are making me hungry.

    Also, apparently she got high-quality meat to paint; this stuff is really well-marbled.

  2. These are beautiful! I’ve done paintings of raw meat as well and I think if you look at even rotting meat objectively,the shapes and colors can be beautiful.

  3. I have to admit “Flight of the Reindeer” is very good, but the rest just looks more like meat than art to me.

  4. Reynold’s work made the cover of the first issue of Meatpaper ( a magazine of meat-art (and other meaty stuff) I co-edit. Link to the Reynolds image is no longer online, but Issue Three comes out in a couple weeks.

  5. The physiology of life is beautiful in those first few post-death moments. I imagine 24 hours from now that flesh won’t be quite so lovely, as all that’s good it in drains and dies, becomes nothing.

    To me, the loss of life is the most significant thing about these pictures, the most impactful. I can’t help but wonder about the creature that spawned these images of flesh.

  6. The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover (1989), the scene where they must hide, naked, in a truck trailer full of dangling sides of rotting meat….

    or the birth scene at the beginning of Perfume?

  7. “Flight of the Reindeer”… just before the reindeer is hit by a car. Urgh, where’s my unicorn chaser?

  8. Kinda beautiful. I thought it was a red cabbage leaf before I read the caption. An odd choice of subject matter unless you are illustrating a medical text, or decorating a butcher shoppe.

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