Wal-Mart store in China

Today in my ongoing series of photos from my travels over the years: This shot of the entrance to a Wal-Mart store in an underground mall in Dalian, China. Link


  1. Just what I was going to ask, Wrybread. Better yet how many mom & pop stores have they put out of bidness so far? Better yet, are they the same low-cost,low-rent Crap Emporium big ugly boxes they are here in the States? How are the country music CD and assault weapons sales there?

  2. Geez, Cory, would you like some paternity leave with your blogging? ;)

    /me loves it when she goes away from the computer and comes back and there are like 600 new posts on BB.

    I bet they save a lot on shipping there…

  3. Now I’m interested… Cory, is there a difference between the American Wal*mart and the Chinese Wal*mart?

    While your at it, is there such a thing as Pan-Asian Cuisine outside of N. America?

  4. China is a ripe market for foreign supermarkets. UK giant Tesco have a considerable presence there, as do French hypermarketeers Carrefour. Somewhat incongrously the biggest chain of pharmacies in south-east Asia and indeed the the world is Hong Kong based Watson’s, owned by Hutchison Wampoa and branded in English in the most non-English areas of the world.

  5. I can see a Chinese citizen walking in, looking around, and saying “hey. . . I MADE this . . . only 99 cents?! No wonder I get paid slave wages.”

  6. no, 99 cents is what it SHOULD cost if you get slave wages. What you see is Chinese prices and North American wages.

  7. I lived in Dalian for a few years, and used to go grocery shopping at that very same Wal-Mart. It wasn’t the place one went all the time, though, because all the groceries there were significantly more expensive than at the Chinese markets. Nevertheless, it was one of the only places in town to get imported alcohol and non-sweetened bread.

  8. I visited a Walmart (and a Starbucks!) when I was in Shenzhen, China and they DEFINATELY DO NOT sell the same stuff.

    The live seafood department was basically an aquarium.You can fish for your own live shrimp for example.

    I took some photos while I was there. You can also get a seafood soup mix that features dried jellyfish, snake and seahorses.

    You can check out some of the stuff I was able to photograph before the security officers in Walmart told me to stop, Flickr name is hellinjay.


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