Giant Gort robot model for auction


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  1. Binaryloop says:

    Klaatu verrata n… Necktie… Nickel… It’s an “N” word, it’s definitely an “N” word! Klaatu verrata nekt agh agh ahh.

  2. blabbinit says:

    Interesting what is up for sale on Ebay these days. The infrared remote control is far out, although I wouldn’t want that eight foot monster living in my house!

  3. Gort says:

    Beautiful! I’m all verklempt – talk amongst yourselves!

    (wish I had some spare coin)

  4. Nivalsj says:

    What happened to the post on the leaked Pentagon report on climate change? There were problems with the permalink earlier. I was hoping somebody found the original leaked document online so I could read it for myself.

  5. Tavie says:

    Why do posts keep disappearing? The inside-out teddy post disappeared too. :(

  6. Rich says:

    Where did the climate change doc go?

  7. kaosdevice says:

    I think they realized that that climate change article was four years old. I’m not saying that invalidates it, just that it was old.

  8. Lone says:

    Maybe someone can build a home theater to go with this.

  9. Gort says:

    Hey – quit trying to steal my limelight!


  10. Dan says:

    Klaatu barada nickto, baby!

  11. the specialist says:

    a real punk rocker could make his own out of paper mache and wire and a couple of laser pointers…hmmmmm….

  12. zikman says:

    that’s funny, I was just talking with a coworker two days ago about Gort. I said to him that I watched The Day the Earth Stood Still the night before (after not having seen it in a long time) and he told me that his friend actually had an awesome model of Gort and he’s put it up on eBay. I wonder if this is his auction… I’ll have to ask next time I see him

  13. misterchinaski says:

    robots are so neat. i for one welcome the day when robots will do my bidding while i sit in/on a hammock and drink pina coladas and collect my paychecks.

  14. jere7my says:

    Just in time for Oscar night!

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