Second Life abstract art exhibit opening Thurs Mar 13

Lisa sez, "I've been working these past few weeks on this installation with Electric Sheep artist Spot Draves. He and Second Life 3-D artist Somatika Xiao (a.k.a. David Stumbaugh) have put together an incredible interactive art exhibit in Second Life. We're having an opening this Thursday night - March 13th, with Spot there live at 7pm. I've just posted the first part of a multi-part interview with him that explains the nuts and bolts behind his incredible art." Link (Thanks, Lisa!)

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  1. LOCALGIRL Does that mean it’s clever, witty and fun?

    I haven’t had that experience on Second Life, because it takes too long to load and refresh – this fractal stuff sure isn’t going to help.

  2. Has anyone taken the open-sourced SL client and created something which will work on lower-end graphics boards? Until recently I had only the Intel graphics built into my motherboard – which SL states it will not work. Then, I needed to upgrade the board to handle a larger LCD monitor – but since I don’t do much on the high-end graphics side (A mainframe tech-head, I tend to be command-line and keyboard oriented) I opted for the lowest-cost board which would do the job.

    In my opinion, SL could benefit from allowing different clients, even if some of them are Clints and Brandies (see Snowcrash by Neal Stephenson)

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