London Underground's OysterCard is cracked


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  1. James David says:

    I wish someone would do this for Boston’s Charlie Card.

  2. Elliot Cowan says:

    Actually, you have to hand over all your personal details to get an Oyster card at all, not just a monthly one.
    I squawked about this for weeks after I got mine when I moved to Londonium.
    You also spelled the word “transport” incorrectly in your story there…

  3. MrWizzle says:


    No, you don’t. I got mine at the beginning of January without having to hand over anything but a £3 “refundable deposit” and an initial top-up. Registration is optional and apparently safeguards the money you’ve stored on the card (not to mention enabling TFL to track your movements on the transport network, paranoia fans).

  4. zuzu says:

    How much longer until someone cracks the Octopus card?
    Or the Shenzhen residency cards?

  5. scottfree says:

    yes. There are so many places in London Ive never been to because they’re zone five and six. I guess this means I can give my friend her bike back.

  6. Bobdotcom says:

    One too many instances of the phrase “vastly increased” in the commentary above…

  7. Kieran O'Neill says:

    #3 Nonsense. The repetition in this case clearly illustrates the logical connection between the two.

    But yeah, lol, I’m pretty sure it’s been cracked for some time now already.

    The question is how long it will take the Russian mafia to start mass-producing fake ones…

  8. markbellis says:

    The OysterCard is shucked, shurely?

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