Managing Mechanical Turk problems


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  1. G Jules says:

    Interesting. The colorwheel cloud view on the Dolores Labs blog is amazing.

    I went to take a look at the kind of tasks available on the Mechanical Turk website, and while some of them are the kind of tasks discussed above, there also seem to be a number of “Rephrase this sentence in your own words” tasks, and “Write comments and reviews on this review service” tasks. The applications for spammers and ‘turfers of various sorts seem pretty obvious.

    Or am I missing some non-spam-related reason for paying people to rephrase sentences such as “On your Cruisetastic vacation, you’ll enjoy such amenities as delicious drinks, outstanding entertainment, and awesome towel frogs”?

  2. strathmeyer says:

    As a Turkish person, I am deeply offended by this slur. (It’s gonna happen!)

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